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Knowledge-based commonsense reasoning and explainability

US2TS KG and XAI tutorial with Filip Ilievski

Accountability Layers

Joint School of Computer Science Seminar with Razvan Marinescu

Accountability Layers

Joint CMIC/WEISS + AI Centre Joint Seminar with Razvan Marinescu


Explaining Errors in Complex Systems

Research overview for CSE 200.

Explaining Errors in Autonomous Driving: A Diagnosis Tool and Testing Framework for Robust Decision Making

Autonomous systems are prone to errors and failures without knowing why. In critical domains like driving, these autonomous …

Perception Challenge for Autonomous Vehicles

I'm Recruiting PhD Students

Anomaly Detection Through Explanations

FUZZ-IEEE invited talk

Explaining Explanations in AI

Guest Lecture in CS 496 (AI Perspectives)


Identifying Multimodal Errors Through Explanations

In this talk, I present new methodologies for detecting and explaining errors in complex systems. My novel contribution is a …

Anomaly Detection Through Explanations

Explaining Explanations

Explanation-based Anomaly Detection

CSAIL Student Profile


Using Explanations for Robust Autonomous Decision Making

How to use explanations to make more trusted, accountable (and even ethical) decisions.


Automotive FOSS Panel

Self-Explanation and Self-Driving