The third and final LaLoCo meeting this quarter took place today (Tue, March 17), from 2 pm to about 3 pm in the Cave. We discussed the Python ACT-R code Adrian and Jakub Dotlańćil are putting together to implement a left-corner ACT-R parser (in the style of Vasishth and Lewis 2005) for Discourse Representation Theory (DRT).

We also made a plan for our meetings next quarter (spring 2015). Adrian will teach a semantics seminar on Computing Dynamic Meanings: From Montagovian Compositionality to Incremental Processing and the lab meetings will partly cover material related to that. We will also present our own (unrelated) ongoing projects, and time-permitting we will discuss some basic Bayesian modeling with PyMC. More information in due course. The lab meetings will take place Tue 12-1:30 pm (alternating with faculty meetings), in the Cave.

We will start in the 3rd week of classes. So see you Tue April 14, 12 pm, in the Cave!