Winter 2015: Meeting 3 and plan for spring 2015

Tue 17 March 2015 by Adrian Brasoveanu, Nate Arnett, Karl DeVries, Karen Duek, Deniz Rudin

The third and final LaLoCo meeting this quarter took place today (Tue, March 17), from 2 pm to about 3 pm in the Cave. We discussed the Python ACT-R code Adrian and Jakub Dotlańćil are putting together to implement a left-corner ACT-R parser (in the style of Vasishth and Lewis 2005) for Discourse Representation Theory (DRT).

We also made a plan for our meetings next quarter (spring 2015). Adrian will teach a semantics seminar on Computing Dynamic Meanings: From Montagovian Compositionality to Incremental Processing and the lab meetings will partly cover material related to that. We will also present our own (unrelated) ongoing projects, and time-permitting we will discuss some basic Bayesian modeling with PyMC. More information in due course. The lab meetings will take place Tue 12-1:30 pm (alternating with faculty meetings), in the Cave.

We will start in the 3rd week of classes. So see you Tue April 14, 12 pm, in the Cave!