Adrian Brasoveanu

Professor, Linguistics Department, UC Santa Cruz

Mailing address: Stevenson Faculty Services / Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Email & webpage: abrsvn at [,],
CV (pdf)

Research: Semantics & Cognition

  • ways of integrating formal semantics, modern methods of data analysis and cognitive models of learning and processing semantic representations
  • the grammar and processing of quantification, plurality and comparison, e.g., relations between quantifiers and adjectives of comparison like same and different, surface vs. inverse scope, ontological vs. evaluation pluralities, distributive vs. cumulative vs. collective readings
  • the experimental and corpus-based investigation of various semantic, pragmatic and syntactic phenomena, e.g., the semantics, pragmatics and syntax of sentential negativity (as reflected in polarity particles, n-words, downward entailing items and question tags), strict vs. sloppy readings in VP ellipsis, evaluativity in adjectival constructions, pseudo-partitives
  • the cross-linguistic semantics and syntax of various constructions, e.g., modified numerals, correlatives, pseudo-partitives
  • anaphoric and quantificational parallels between the individual, temporal, modal and degree domains and ways of integrating different semantic and pragmatic frameworks that capture these parallels


Language, Logic & Cognition (LaLoCo) Lab

  • overarching goal: establish and solidify connections between (i) highly structured formal semantics theories and (ii) modern methods of data analysis and cognitive models of learning and processing rich abstract semantic representations