Public Engagement and Education Activities

Graduate Student Representative
American Fisheries Society
Communicating Research Effectively
Mentroing Experiences

Graduate Student Representative

UCSC Ocean Sciences Department


Represent Graduate Student Perspective

As a resprentative of the Ocean Sciences gradaute students, I attend the biweekly faculty meetings. I provide a graduate student prespective to the meetings.


Improve Graduate Student Experiences

As a represenative, I work with the Ocean Science department managers to create and execute events and projects that will improve the graduate student experience. Ideas are taken from all students in the department. 


Position Appointment

January 2020 - Present 

American Fisheries Society

Santa Cruz - Monterey Bay Area Subunit


Public Relations Chair

Executive Commitee member 
Elected November 2019


Public Engagment in Fisheries

The group aims to advance local understanding of aquatic ecosystems, foster professional development, and support aquatic ecosystem conservation through education and restoration.

Communicating Research Effectively (CORE)

UCSC Graduate Student Organization


Director of Advancement

November 2019 - Present


Graduate Student Engagement

This group aims to inform and engage fellow graduate students to improve their abilities to effectively communicate their research to the general public. 

Mentoring Experinces

as a Graduate Student at UCSC


BD2K Mentor

Mentor of a Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Intern during the summer of 2019. The internship is supported by the UCSC Genomics Institute and provides reseach experince to underrepresented groups. The student worked on a Genetic Stock Identification project with Chinook salmon and presented a poster at the end of the internship.


Ocean Sciences Peer Mentor

2020 is the first year of the Peer mentoring program. I am a mentor for an OS graduate student in the 2020 cohort. 

Ocean Sciences Diversity Committee

A student member of the OS Faculty Diversity Committee


Identify areas for Improvement

The Committee includes Ocean Sciences faculty, staff and graduate students. We work together to make the Ocean Sciences Department a welcome place for people of diverse backgrounds. 


Take action

The group has taken action to improve the level of diversity in the department. The GRE is no longer a requirement, a peer mentoring program has begun, and the faculty and students are attending diveristy and inclusion trainings. 

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