Jericho 2C+ Switch ASIC

Samples to qualified OEMs September 2020

ASIC block diagram

StrataDNX Jericho2c+ Series Key Benefits:

  • Up to 14.4Tb/s switching and routing capacity per device
  • Up to 18,432 x 400G ports in single router of Distributed Disaggregated Chassis (DDC)
  • Line rate MACSec and IPSec support over all network ports with flexible encapsulation scheme to enable a variety of secure tunneling options
  • Implemented with unparallel power efficiency using a 7nm die
  • Future-proofing via flexible and extensible Elastic Pipeā„¢
  • Carrier grade Hierarchical Traffic Manager with HBM-based deep packet buffer
  • PP tables scale, counters and ACLs expansion via KBP
  • SONiC support for fixed and modular systems

The Linley Group published Jericho2c+ Brings 7nm to Routers in their Microprocessor Report. The Linley Group copyrights their reports and sells them for more than $1K each. So rather than making a copy, I'm linking back to Broadband's page. If, indeed, Broadcom published without permission, this link may get taken down.

Linley sees the Jericho2c+ has a peer to the Cisco Q100. The die shrink relative Jericho2 (16 nm) creates a power savings. A portion of that is used to provide more ports. The rest provides a power reduction from 400W to 350W.

Some context that helps place the 2C+ in the jericho family is in a table.