we just telling stories

This first clip is a short introduction to the film.


It is about halfway in, so you are getting information that normally you would have to wait until about the 30 min point.


Meaning that at the start of the project and for a significant duration.


You don't know that you are in a county jail

You don't know that the women are inmates

You don't know that they are preparing a stage play


The work is structured to be disorienting, the viewer gradually learns over a period of time where they are and what it taking place.


This kind of Q&A structure, is mimicked in the start of this clip, where we do not know what these women are doing standing in these poses.


we just telling stories was all about visibility and generosity, The woman would generously give so that we could put a name, body and face to the statistics.  From 1977- 2007  the number of women in US prison increased by over 800% this number is twice the rate of increase of the male population.  2/3 of these women are mothers.