Selected Publications

"The Times of the Curator" (2019) View/Download

"Portrait Time" (2018), View/Download

"Conrad in Trump Country" (2016), View/Download

"In Memoriam: Teresia Teaiwa" (2017), View/Download

In the Ecotone: The UC Santa Cruz Campus Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Available in book form (2015) from Bay Tree Bookstore.

"Looking Back at Watkins" (2014), View/Download

Returns: Becoming Indigenous in the Twenty-first Century (2013) View/Download

"Among Histories" (2013), View/Download

"Ishi's Story" (2013), View/Download

"The Greater Humanities" (2013),

"Hau'ofa's Hope" (2009), View/Download

"Dialectical Possessions" (2008), Review essay: Switchbacks, by Jennifer Kramer. Museum Anthropology 2008, Vol. 31, (1): 51-56. View/Download

"Quai Branly in Process" (2007) View/Download

"Varieties of Indigenous Experience: Diasporas, Homelands, Sovereignties" (2007), in Indigenous Experience Today, eds. Marisol de la
Cadena and Orin Starn. Berg Publishing. View/Download

"Visiting--Gustaf Sobin" (2005) View/Dowload

"Rearticulating Anthropology" (2005), in Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle: Reconfiguring the Discipline of Anthropology, eds. Daniel Segal and Sylvia Yanagisako. Duke University Press, 24-48. View/Download

"Looking Several Ways: Anthropology and Native Heritage in Alaska" (2004), Current Anthropology 45(1), 5-23, 26-28. View/Download

"Traditional Futures" in Questions of Tradition (2004), eds. Mark Phillips and Gordon Schochet. University of Toronto Press, 152-168. View/Download

On the Edges of Anthropology (2003), Prickly Paradgm Press. Chicago. View/Download

Response to a Questionnaire (2001), in SITES, 2001, No. 1, p 222: special issue on "Travel and Travelers" View/Download

"Indigenous Articulations" (2001), The Contemporary Pacific 13(2), 468-490. View/Download

"Taking Identity Politics Seriously: the Contradictory, Stony Ground..." (2000), in Without Guarantees: Essays in Honour of Stuart Hall,
eds. Paul Gilroy, Lawrence Grossberg, and Angela McRobbie. London: Verso Press, 94-112. View/Download

"Museums as Contact Zones" (1997) View/Download

"Fort Ross Meditation" (1997) View/Download

"Notes on (Field)notes" (1990) View/Download

The Predicament of Culture (1988) View/Download