James Gilbert

James Gilbert

Associate Project Scientist, NOAA Affiliate

University of California, Santa Cruz

Fisheries Collaborative Program (FCP)


I’m an Associate Project Scientist in the Fisheries Collaborative Program (FCP) at the University of California, Santa Cruz and an affiliate of the NOAA Fisheries Southwest Fisheries Science Center. I am fascinated by the intersection of science and water resources management. In my work, I strive to connect the ever-evolving science of hydrology and water resources to practical issues facing resource managers. My current work, a collaborative effort with my colleagues in the FCP and at NOAA, incorporates hydrologic, water temperature, and system operations models to explore the connections between climate, hydrology, operations, and aquatic habitat in California.

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  • Hydrologic modeling in agricultural and managed systems
  • Water resources management
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • PhD in Hydrologic Science and Engineering, 2016

    Colorado School of Mines

  • MS in Natural Resources Science (Hydrology), 2008

    University of Nebraska, Lincoln

  • BS in Environmental Science (Geology minor), 2006

    Iowa State University


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