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Selected Publications

2021. Non-intrusive questions as a special type of non-canonical questions, to appear in Journal of Semantics. [pdf file]

2021. Assessing alternatives: the case of the presumptive future in Italian (with Michela Ippolito), to appear in Linguistics and Philosophy. [pdf file]

2021. Multiple event readings with dependent indefinites, to appear in The Oxford Handbook of Grammatical Number, edited by Patricia Cabredo Hoffher and Jenny Doetjes, Oxford University Press. [pdf file]

2019. Polarity particles revisited (with Floris Roelofsen), in Semantics and Pragmatics 12. [abstract and link to pdf file]

2018. Nominal reference, in Oxford Research Encyclopedias, summary at

2017. Kinds of (non-)specificity (with Adrian Brasoveanu), in Linguistics Companion (Companion to Semantics, SemCom), edited by L. Matthewson, C. Meier,H. Rullmann and T. E. Zimmermann, Wiley. [pdf file]

2017. Division of labor in the interpretation of declaratives and interrogatives (with Floris Roelofsen), Journal of Semantics 34, Issue 2, pp. 237-289, [pdf file]

2016. Indefinites (with Adrian Brasoveanu), in The Cambridge Handbook of Formal Semantics, edited by Maria Aloni and Paul Dekker, Cambridge University Press, pp. 246-283. [pdf file of draft version]

2015. Polarity particle responses as a window onto the interpretation of questions and assertions (with Floris Roelofsen), Language 91(2), pp. 359-414, 2015. [pdf file]

2014. Question tags and sentential negativity (with Adrian Brasoveanu, Karen De Clercq, Floris Roelofsen), revised version in Lingua. [pdf file]

2013. N-words and sentential negation: evidence from polarity particles and VP ellipsis (with Adrian Brasoveanu and Floris Roelofsen), in Semantics and Pragmatics 6, 7, pp. 1-33. [pdf file]

2013. A typology of specificity (with Adrian Brasoveanu), in Revue Roumaine de Linguistique, issue associated with the Workshop on the Syntax and Interpretation of Specificity (Bucharest University, 2012). [pdf file]

2011. How indefinites choose their scope (with Adrian Brasoveanu), revised version in Linguistics and Philosophy. [pdf file]

2010. On reacting to assertions and polar questions (with Kim Bruce), in Journal of Semantics 27 (2010). Preprint available; [pdf file of draft version]

2010. Polarity particles in English and Romanian, in Proceedings of the 40th Linguistics Symposium on Romance Languages, edited by Julia Herschensohn, John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 303-328.

2010. The semantics and pragmatics of plurals (with Henriette de Swart), in Semantics and Pragmatics 3, 6, pp. 1-54. pdf file

2009. Scope and the grammar of choice (with Adrian Brasoveanu), in Proceedings of the Tenth Symposium on Logic and Language (LoLa 10); also presented at California Universities Semantics Pragmatics (CUSP 1; UCLA, May 2009) and the Workshop on Language, Communication and Rational Agency (Stanford, May 2009). [pdf file]

2009. Polarity particles in Hungarian, in Approaches to Hungarian, 11: Papers from the 2007 New York Conference, edited by Marcel den Dikken and Robert M. Vago, John Benjamins Publishing Company. [pdf file]

2007. Polarity particles in Romanian, ms. [pdf file]

2007. Article choice in plural generics (with Henriette de Swart), Lingua. September 2007, pp. 1657-1676.

2005. Free choice in Romanian, in Drawing the Boundaries of Meaning, Neo-Gricean studies in pragmatics and semantics in honor of Laurence R. Horn, edited by Betty J. Birner and Gregory Ward, John Benjamins. [pdf file]

2003. The Semantics of Incorporation (with Henriette de Swart) , CSLI, Stanford. [pdf file], see also

2003. Assertion, belief and mood choice, presented at ESSLLI, Conditional and Unconditional Modality Workshop, Vienna. [ pdf file]

2002. Specificity distinctions, in Journal of Semantics 19, pp. 1-31. [pdf file]

2002. Varieties of indefinites, in Proceedings of SALT 12. [pdf file]

2002. Extreme non-specificity in Romanian, in C. Beyssade et al. (eds.), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2000, John Benjamins, pp. 127-151. [pdf file]

2001. Dependent indefinites and direct scope, in C. Condoravdi and G. Renardel (eds), Logical Perspectives on Language and Information, CSLI, Stanford, pp. 41-72.

2000. On the comparative and absolute readings of superlatives (with K. E. Kiss), Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 18, pp. 417-455.

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1997. Dependent indefinites, in F. Corblin, D. Godard and J.-M. Marandin (eds.), Empirical Issues in Formal Syntax and Semantics, Peter Lang Publishers, pp. 243-268. [pdf file]

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1996. How clause-bounded is the scope of universals? (with A. Giannakidou), in Gallway, T. et. al. (eds.), Proceedings of SALT VI, CLC Publications, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, pp. 35-52.

1994. Specificity and scope, in L. Nash and G. Tsoulas (eds.), Langues et Grammaires 1, pp. 119-137. [pdf file]

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