Journal Articles

Prosodic Greed. Submitted. [pdf]

Explaining the Ban on Ergative Anaphors [with Justin Royer]. Submitted. [pdf]

The Prosody of the Extended VP. Accepted to Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. [pdf]

Suppletion in Global Perspective. Accepted to Linguistic Inquiry. [pdf]

Two Steps to High Absolutive Syntax: Austronesian Voice and Agent Focus in South Sulawesi. The Journal of East Asian Linguistics (JEAL). Available Online in the Special Issue on Austronesian Linguistics. [pdf]

MA Thesis

Two Steps to High Absolutive Syntax. [pdf]

Book Chapters

Constraining Subcategory-Sensitive Match Constraints. With Ben Eischens and Nicholas Van Handel, in Syntax-Prosody in Optimality Theory - Theory and Analyses. Equinox, United Kingdom. 2023.

Smaller Papers

Ergative Anaphors and High Absolutive Syntax [with Justin Royer]. To Appear in Gabriella de la Cruz-Sánchez (ed.), Proceedings of The 39th Annual Meeting of the West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 39). [pdf]

Perception Verb Complements in Mandar. In John Duff & Lalitha Balachandran (eds.), Syntax and Semantics at Santa Cruz (SASC), Volume V. [pdf], [volume]

Agreement and Anti-Agreement in Mandar. In Alessa Farinella & Angelica Hill (eds.), Proceedings of The 51st Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 51). [pdf]

Second-Position and Prosodic Recursion. In Ryan Bennett, Richard Bibbs, Mykel Loren Brinkerhoff, Max J. Kaplan, Stephanie Rich, Nicholas Van Handel & Maya Wax Cavallaro (eds.), Supplementary Proceedings of the 2020 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP). [pdf], [volume]

Object Shift and Agent Extraction in Mandar. In The Proceedings of the 27th Meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Society (AFLA). [pdf], [volume]

Pseudoclefts and Parameters in the Pacific. In Andrew Hedding & Morwenna Hoeks (eds.), Syntax and Semantics at Santa Cruz (SASC), Volume IV. [pdf], [volume]