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  Introduction to Human Evolution (Anthro 1)

  History and Theory of Physical Anthropology
  (Anthro 100/200)

  Human Evolution (Anthro 101/201)

  Human Evolution Lab (Anthro 101L)

  Primate Behavior and Ecology (Anthro 106)

  Comparative Functional Anatomy (Anthro 110)

SEMINARS Topics selected from one of the following areas:
  Chimpanzees: Biology, Behavior, and Evolution

  Women and Science through an Anthropological Lens

  The History of Evolutionary Theory

  Life Histories: Examines biological and social markers of infant to mature and aged adult stages through life history. Compares and discusses timing and pattern of life history in humans across species, with examples from contemporary and historical societies.

     Alumna Kim Nichols (left), who dissected Bwana's foot (pictured) when she was an undergraduate in 1994, and Adrienne Zihlman. Photograph: R.R. Jones
The Washburn Award
Look for posters announcing the award. Papers due in May.

Sherwood Washburn and Adrienne Zihlman

This prize honors the work of Sherwood Washburn Emeritus Professor, University of California, Berkeley. His wide-ranging contributions to anthropology were among the most salient and visionary of the past century. They epitomized the application of scientific method and multidisciplinary synthesis. Washburn's research and writing provided fresh perspectives on the human species. His work encompassed field observations of free-ranging primates in Asia and Africa, studies in human and animal anatomy and laboratory experiments. His insights made every subject he touched seem new: the study of race, human psychology, the education process, aggression and conflict, language and the brain.

A number of Washburn's papers have been reprinted in a volume dedicated to him: "The New Physical Anthropology. Science, Humanism, and Critical Reflection" (1999), edited by Shirley Strum, Donald Lindburg, and David Hamburg. Prentice Hall, publisher.

Students Awarded the Washburn Prize

2011 Winner of the Washburn Award
Tessa Toscano

2010 Winner of the Washburn Award
Professor Zihlman with Caitlin Hannah

2007 Winner of the Washburn Award
Elaine Heberlein with Professor Zihlman

2006 Winner of the Washburn Award
Carmen Mosley with Professor Zihlman

2005 Winner of the Washburn Award
Jeremy Lehner with Professor Zihlman

2004 Winners of the Washburn Award
Professor Zihlman with Sara Keene (center) and Diana Hay (right)