Computational Formal Semantics: Meeting 3

Sat 13 April 2013 by Adrian Brasoveanu

Plan for the April 16 (11 am-12 pm) meeting: go through the Recursion and Higher-order Functions chapters. The two GHCI scripts are already available on eCommons. We will have two more intro-to-Haskell type meetings, after which we will finally turn to computational formal semantics and implement:

  1. propositional logic (syntax and …
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Computational Formal Semantics: Meeting 2

Sun 07 April 2013 by Adrian Brasoveanu

Plan for the April 9 (11 am-12 pm) meeting: go through the next chapter of the “Learn you a Haskell” textbook, namely Syntax in Functions. The GHCI script will be available on eCommons before the meeting. See you then.

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Computational Formal Semantics: Meeting 1

Sat 30 March 2013 by Adrian Brasoveanu

Our first spring-quarter meeting (April 2, 11 am) will be dedicated to a basic intro to Haskell and a brief preview of how it can be used to implement formal semantics theories.

The best way to get Haskell up and running on your computer is to install the Haskell Platform …

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Computational Formal Semantics (Spring 2013)

Tue 19 March 2013 by Adrian Brasoveanu

LaLoCo will meet regularly during the spring 2013 quarter, basically every Tuesday 11 am-12 pm in the Meeting & Analysis room (Stevenson 217).

The main topic will be a tutorial on how to implement formal semantics theories in functional languages, Haskell in particular (but OCaml-based implementations, for example, should be …

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Summary of Bayes Seminar (Fall 2012)

Wed 12 December 2012 by Adrian Brasoveanu
  1. Basic Probability Theory (I)
  2. Basic Probability Theory (II)
  3. Bayesian Inference (I)
  4. Bayesian Inference (II)
  5. Beta-Bernoulli updates (scripts available on eCommons)
  6. statistical modeling in general and Bayesian modeling in particular: recap; introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and the Metropolis-Hastings family of algorithms (scripts available on eCommons)
  7. the mean model …
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Seminar: Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis & Cognitive Modeling

Mon 24 September 2012 by Adrian Brasoveanu

Fall 2012 graduate seminar (Ling 239, UCSC): Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis & Cognitive Modeling. See the syllabus for more information.

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R tutorial

Mon 11 June 2012 by Adrian Brasoveanu

There will be an R tutorial on Thur June 14, 1 pm in the Cave. Please feel free to bring your laptops (it’s actually recommended). In preparation for the tutorial, please download and install R from here (or some other mirror):

and ALSO please …

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Gaussian Mixtures

Thu 31 May 2012 by Adrian Brasoveanu

We introduced Gaussian mixtures today and discussed how to estimate their parameters with R & JAGS for finite mixtures and the R package “DPpackage” for infinite (Dirichlet Process) mixtures. As we mentioned in our concluding discussion today, there is a very wide range of possible linguistic applications for this kind of …

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The Semantics and Processing of Distributivity

Sat 28 April 2012 by Adrian Brasoveanu

On April 26, Jakub Dotlacil presented recent and ongoing work with Adrian Brasoveanu on the semantics and processing of distributivity, reporting the results of 3 eye-tracking experiments that investigated:

  1. whether distributive vs. collective readings for plural definites are a matter of ambiguity or vagueness (building on previous work by Frazier …
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Improved ANOVA scripts in Kruschke’s DBDA

Fri 20 April 2012 by Adrian Brasoveanu

John Kruschke made a couple of changes to the hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA scripts in his “Doing Bayesian Data Analysis” book. An important one is changing the hyperprior on the SD parameter. Here’s a lightly edited quote:

The previous version (see p. 496) had the folded-t prior recommended by Gelman …

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