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General Information

Contact Info

Professor: Abe Stone ( abestone@ucsc.edu1)
Office: Cowell Annex A-106
Phone (office): 459-5723
AIM: abestone3
Office hours: Thurs., 2-4pm, or by appointment.

Teaching Assistants:

Andrew Delunas ( Sections: Thurs. 10am (Crown 104); Thurs. 6pm (Cowell 222).

Evan Lam ( Sections: Mon. 2pm (Cowell 222); Wed. 9:30am (Cowell 222).

Kayla Lane ( Wed. 11am (Cowell 222); Wed. 12:30pm (Cowell 222).

Course Requirements

Participation in discussion sections (approximately 10% of grade).

``Metaphysics exercises'' (kind of a short take-home multiple choice quiz), due most class days (all exercises together, approximately 30%; graded heavily on a curve). (Exercises due Tues., Jan. 12; Thurs., Jan. 14; Tues., Jan. 19; Tues., Jan. 26; Thurs., Jan. 28; Thurs., Feb. 4; Tues., Feb. 9; Thurs., Feb. 11; Tues., Feb. 16; Thurs., Feb. 18; Tues., Feb. 23; Thurs., Feb. 25; Tues., Mar. 2; Tues., Mar. 9.)

One short paper (2-3 pages), due Tues., Feb. 2 (approximately 20%).

One longer paper (6-8 pages), due Wed., Mar. 16 (approximately 40%).

The ME's are due in class, but if you can't make it class you may e-mail your answers to your TA. Papers are due by e-mail: please send to your TA and also cc me. Please send in MSWord or in a format easily convertible to MSWord (e.g., plain text, HTML, RTF).

All assignments will be available on-line before they are due (hopefully well before).


Descartes, Selected Philosophical Writings, tr. J. Cottingham, R. Stoothoff and D. Murdoch (Cambridge).

Leibniz, Philosophical Essays, ed. R. Ariew and D. Garber (Hackett).

Spinoza, The Ethics, Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect, and Selected Letters, tr. S. Shirley, ed. S. Feldman (Hackett).

The above texts should be available at the Literary Guillotine. Readings not from texts on the above list are available on e-reserve.


Please feel free to contact the instructor and/or your TA with questions about the substance of the course (philosophical issues, questions about the meaning of the texts, questions about paper topics, etc.). On administrative issues (grades, lateness/extensions, due dates, section times, etc.) please try your TA first.

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Abe Stone 2011-01-03