Centec is a mainland China silicon switch chip house that has been in business since 2005. They do their own chip designs, so not Broadcom. Because they are a small player, they go to the ODMs to get their switches built and not the other way 'round. They use ODMs like EmbedWay to make switches that are then sold under the Centec label.

    We do not have the highest speed and feed, however, when market reaches mass volume, we are here to supply you with second source options

    Quote from Centec_Introduction.pdf

Their products do not have outstanding specifications. But since they are not yet another purveyor of the same chips as everyone else, are probably worth the space in the buffer table. It appears we are waiting for CTC9032 to emerge and that will give Centec a 6.4T product. I have included four switch entries spanning 3 generations of Centec silicon. There are more varients. Centec now provides switches in three configurations: OpenFlow, Stand alone switching and network taps. It should be possible to convert one model into another with an ONIE reload. If that's not true, it would e a license restriction and not something intrinsic to the switch.