Stephanie Rich

Loch en Eileen, Scotland

I am a second year PhD student in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz, advised by Matt Wagers. My research interests mainly lie in psycholinguistics, semantics, and prosody. I am interested in the timecourse of- and interaction between syntactic and semantic processing, and how these processes can be facilitated or hindered during real-time sentence comprehension. Specifically, I have looked at how syntactic and semantic processing can be guided by the generation of expectations about upcoming material and influenced by semantic context, prosody, and domain-general cognitive factors (e.g., memory and attention).

I am currently a co-coordinator of s/lab, our psycholinguistics reading group, with Jack Duff.


skrich [at] ucsc [dot] edu


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UCSC Linguistics Department
Stevenson College
1156 High St
Santa Cruz, CA 95064