Richard Otte


Before West Rib, Denali
Cassin Ridge
After West Rib, Denali

I love all sorts of climbing. Here are some photos of some of the larger mountains I've climbed on (click on any photo for a larger version).

In 1991 I climbed the West Rib of Denali

In 1993 I climbed the Muldrow Glacier on Denali, and descended the West Buttress


In December 1993 went alone down to Aconcagua; first I climbed the normal route from Plaza de Mulas and then I traversed around and did the Polish Glacier.

I climbed the Cassin Ridge on Denali in 1995 with Martin Minarik, who perished in 2009 on Annapurna.

I went to Gasherbrum II in 1996 (but did not summit)