about the artist

“Rinaldo’s etchings...demonstrate a gracious, refined talent.
  Her landscapes are evocatively wistful and carry with them
  the vast history of landscape painting.”
—Santa Cruz Sentinel

An award winning artist whose work has been called "divinely lyrical" (Santa Cruz Sentinel), Moon studied art at the University of California, Santa Cruz and at Il Bisonte school of printmaking in Florence, Italy. She grew up in Venice and Santa Monica, California and now lives in Santa Cruz, Califorina with her husband David Keuter, whose work may be seen at davidkeuter.com.

from the artist's point of view: drawing from life

To draw from life outdoors is to engage with a sometimes serene, sometimes intense, but always ephemeral beauty. A view changes with the passing of time and with the changing light and weather. There is a sense of urgency to learn the place quickly because it will never be seen the same way again. My desire is not to suspend what I see, preserving it on paper, or to draw every branch or telephone pole in its proper place, but to engage with the vitality of the place. Rather than a precise rendering of a scene, I want my energy and excitement to be expressed in the line on the drawing surface.

Observing and drawing objects in the studio, I try to have with them as close to a conversation as is possible with inanimate objects. “Still” objects do project a presence and a vibrancy, even if it is only that of the viewer’s energy reflected back.

Each time standing in front of an engaging sight or interesting objects is a new chance to converse with the world. The exchange is not easy or satisfying every time, but it is always worthwhile.

– Salal Moon Rinaldo, Santa Cruz, California

Selected works are available for purchase at salalmoon.etsy.com.
Send a message to moon@salalmoondesign.com if you would like any other prints on this site to be made available on Etsy!

exhibition history

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about hand pulled prints

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Moon may be contacted at moon@salalmoon.com.

Moon is also a freelance graphic designer: salalmoondesign.com.

seeing the world

Moon and her husband David love thier home in Santa Cruz, California but also love to travel. Moon has always loved taking photographs and usually carries a camera for the moments she can't find time to sit and draw. Click here to see some of her snapshots.