Curriculum Vitae (pdf) Jeremy West

Research fields

Applied microeconomics
Public economics
Energy and environmental economics

Journal articles

"Cash for Corollas: When Stimulus Reduces Spending" (2017), with Mark Hoekstra and Steve Puller. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 9(3): 1-35.   [VoxEU column]

"Vehicle Miles (Not) Traveled: Fuel Economy Requirements, Vehicle Characteristics, and Household Driving" (2017), with Mark Hoekstra, Jonathan Meer and Steve Puller. Journal of Public Economics, 145: 65-81.   [VoxEU column]

"Effects of the Minimum Wage on Employment Dynamics" (2016), with Jonathan Meer. Journal of Human Resources, 51(2): 500-52.   [Data and Code (13 MB)]   [Online Appendix]   [VoxEU column]

"Efficient Retail Pricing in Electricity and Natural Gas Markets" (2013), with Steve Puller. American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 103(3): 350-355.   [Online Appendix]

Working papers

"Do Pecuniary Incentives Crowd Out Social Pressure?" (2018), with Robert Fairlie, Bryan Pratt, and Liam Rose.

"Racial Bias in Police Investigations" (2018).

"Learning by Doing in Law Enforcement" (2018). Email me for a draft.

Projects in progress

"Cash Rewards for Energy Conservation: A Field Experiment," with S├ębastien Houde and Mary Zaki

"Energy Efficiency Information Disclosure for Homes," with Erica Myers and Steve Puller

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