Learning Together:
Children and Adults in a School Community

Barbara Rogoff, Carolyn Goodman Turkanis, &
Leslee Bartlett. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.
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Oxford University Press

Finalist for the Maccoby Award
of the American Psychological Association.

This book explores the idea that children (and adults) learn effectively when they are involved with others who share their interests, building understanding together. In such a community of learners, children contribute to planning learning activities, as do adults, and adults learn from their involvement with the children as well as fostering children's learning. Children (and adults) are motivated to be involved in learning for the sake of accomplishing meaningful, productive activities.

The book illustrates principles of learning as a community with observations in an innovative public elementary school in which collaboration among children and between children and adults is central. (It is a public school in which parents spend 3 hours per week in instructional activities in the classroom.) The book was written collaboratively by Barbara Rogoff with teachers, parents, and students.

"Learning Together" is meant to inspire readers to consider their own ideas about how children and adults learn, and how their learning can be fostered, in ways adapted to the interests and resources of different communities.
(Proceeds from the book go to the school.)

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