Fall 2014: Meetings 7 through 9

Fri 12 December 2014 by Nate Arnett, Karl DeVries, Deniz Rudin, Adrian Brasoveanu

The last three meetings of the quarter were dedicated to designing and implementing a basic parser in Python ACT-R, thus putting together the theoretical ACT-R framework, the psycholinguistic literature that takes advantage of it, and the computational tools we started to become familiar with.

We already have a basic version of the implementation up and running. We will keep developing it in the winter 2015 quarter and report our progress here and possibly other venues. Our meetings in the winter 2015 quarter are tentatively scheduled to take place Tuesdays, 12 pm—1:30 pm, but not every week (it is possible that some meetings will be scheduled for other days / time slots depending on the participants’ interest and availability). The first winter 2015 meeting is currently scheduled to take place Tuesday, January 27, 12 pm—1:30 pm.