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Thurs., Apr. 4 (at usual time, or a time to be determined): (no reading, first class).

Tues., Apr. 9: Elements of Theology, §§1-13 (Dodds's chapters A and B). Suggested further readings: Plato, Philebus 15a -18d and 23c -27c , Republic 6.509b ; Kant, Critique of Pure Reason B68 (search for “P 088” here) and A381 (search for “P 353” here).

Tues., Apr. 16: §§14-39 (chapters C and D).

Tues., Apr. 23: §§40-74 (chapters E-H).

Tues., Apr. 30: §§75-112 (chapters I-K).

Tues., May 7: §§113-137 (beginning of chapter L).

Tues., May 14: no class, due to Shavuot.

Tues., May 21: §§138-165 (end of chapter L).

Tues., May 28: §§166-183 (chapter M).

Tues., Jun. 4: §§184-211 (chapter N).

Abe Stone 2013-04-08