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General Information

Contact Info

Professor: Abe Stone (
Office: Cowell Annex A-106
Phone (office): 459-5723
AIM: abestone3
Office hours: Tues. 3:15pm-4:15; Thurs. 11:45am-12:45pm.

A note on the course title

This course will be about Proclus' Elements of Theology. It's not clear to me why it got listed as “value theory.” The books is about the dependence of everything from the Good, so I guess that counts.

Course Requirements

Participation in class discussion. Final paper assignment T.B.D.


Proclus, The Elements of Theology, ed. and tr. E.R. Dodds (2d ed. Oxford, 1992).

The above text should be available at the Literary Guillotine, and they will also be put on reserve at McHenry.

Abe Stone 2013-04-08