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Answer any three of the following questions, 2-3 pages for each answer, for a total of 6-9 pages. You may hand in your answers early if you like, but all answers are due by Tues., Oct. 31, in class.

The questions are keyed to different reading assignments, with the idea that each question is raised most centrally in a certain part of the reading. However, you can and should use material from anywhere in the text where it's relevant to the answer.

Because this is an exam rather than a paper, I will give priority to accuracy over originality in grading. (If you have original ideas you should choose the paper option.) However, all the questions do require some thought; they can't simply be read out of the texts. And, of course, as usual, your answer must be ``original'' in the sense that it is your own work. (If you use any outside source--which I don't recommend--you must cite it.)

Abe Stone 2006-11-21