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The paper (approximately 8-10 pages long) is due by Tues., June 9th. Please e-mail to me ( in PDF, MSWord, LATEX, plain text, HTML, or RTF).

There are no assigned or suggested topics. You are encouraged to discuss ideas for a topic with me. In general a good topic should be interpretative--you should try to say something original about what Kant actually means in some passage, how some argument is actually supposed to work, why a certain topic is important to Kant, etc. (You should not write a paper that is just a summary of what Kant says somewhere.)

A good way to think of a specific topic for a paper like this is to try and find a problem about Kant's text that needs solving--something that doesn't seem to make sense, or something that seems wrong or unfair or offensive or irrelevant. (This could be something that strikes you personally as wrong, or you could find a problem about Kant elsewhere, for example in one of the recommended secondary texts listed on the syllabus.) Then try your best to solve the problem: explain what Kant is thinking that would make this apparently wrong thing seem right, at least from his point of view. This is just a suggestion as to how to go about this, however; there are also other ways of coming up with interesting topics.

You can cite Kant using the A- and/or B-edition page numbers. If you use any outside material, you must of course make it clear exactly what you are using and how. If you paraphrase another author's ideas in your own words, you must indicate that via a footnote. If you directly quote from another author, you must use a footnote and you must mark the direct quotation as such (using quotation marks or, for long quotes, setting the off as block quotes). Also, it should be clear that your paper was written for this course.1

There's no need for a separate bibliography or title page.


... course.1
If you have any questions about policies on plagiarism, double submission (submission of the same paper for two different courses--not generally allowed), or related issues, please see

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Abe Stone 2009-05-19