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Welcome to Hiroshi Fukurai's Homepage

Professor of Sociology & Legal Studies   

1156 High Street,

College Eight,

University of California, Santa Cruz,

Santa Cruz, CA 95064 U.S.A.

Office: 337 College Eight

Phone: 831-459-2971 (office) 831-3518 (fax)


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Henoko in Okinawa, Japan, 2014 -- Projected U.S. Marine Airfield Site & Okinawan Protesters



U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa & Pictures of Helicopter Crash at Okinawa International University


Hiroshi Fukurai  is Professor of Legal Studies and Sociology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He won the UCSC's Chancellor's Achievement Award for Diversity and gave a keynote speech at the EOP's graduation ceremony in 2014.  He was also nominated for Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012 and selected as the Favorite Faculty Member by Stevenson College graduating students in 2013.

His expertise includes citizen participation in the justice system, international law, and East Asian law and politics.  Professor Fukurai also teaches advanced quantitative methods and survey and field research. His current research explores a political utility of lay adjudication to create an effective deterrent and investigative mechanism against the corporate & governmental abuse of power.  

He has more than 100 publications including scholarly articles, law reviews, op-ed pieces, magazine articles, and books. His seven books (three forthcoming in 2014) are indicative of his commitment to adjudicative justice and equality in law; Race in the Jury Box: Affirmative Action in Jury Selection (2003), Anatomy of the McMartin Child Molestation Case (2001), Race and the Jury: Racial Disenfranchisement and the Search for Justice (1993, Gustavus Meyers Human Rights Award), and Common Destiny: Japan and the U.S. in the Global Age (1990).

His scholarly work on citizen legal participation has been deeply affected by his long-time engagement as a jury trial consultant in American courts. His multidisciplinary and collaborative research was further inspired by international colleagues in the Law and Society Association (LSA), especially in two Collaborative Research Networks (CRN) of “Lay Participation in the Justice System” and “East Asian Law and Society.”

He was voted into a prestigious LSA Board of Trustee in 2010.  He served on a LSA editorial board of the Law and Society Review, helped co-organize the East Asian Law and Society CRN, and was one of three organizers to hold the Inaugural East Asian Law and Society Conference in Hong Kong in February 2010, the Second Conference in Seoul, Korea in September-October 2011, and the Third Conference in Shanghai, China in March 2013, in which more than 200 scholars, legal practitioners, and researchers gathered from the U.S., Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, India, Canada, Iran, England, Germany, and other countries in the world.  He is currently serving as a co-editor of a book volume on East Asian legal systems and procedures, and two original books on Japan's civil jury system and Fukushima nuclear disaster respectively.  He is also one of key organizers for the Fourth East Asian Law and Society Conference to be held in Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan in August 2015

Recent Conference Presentation

(UC Santa Cruz, Apr. 12-3, 2014)

Genomics & Race: Social, Political, Legal, and "Performative" Construction of Race

(UC Hastings Law School, Sept. 7, 2012)

Japan's Judicial Reform Proposal & Its Impact 10 Years Later

(Kokugakuin Law School, Tokyo, Jul. 21, 2014)

Japan's Civil Jury Trials in Okinawa & Remedial Policies for Fukushima Radiation Victims (in Japanese)


Past Presentations

Legal System Reform in Japan, University of Victoria Law School, Canada, Nov. 19, 2010

Lay Adjudication Systems Around the Globe (in Japanese ), Toyo University, Tokyo Japan, Jul. 9, 2008

The Rebirth of Japan's Twin Systems of Lay Adjudication, Cornell Law School, Sep. 22-3, 2006

Recent Newspaper Articles (in Japanese)

Saga Shimbun (8/21/2012)

Shinshu Mainichi Shimbun (8/22/2012)

Recent Interview on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

KPFA in Berkeley, April 21, 2011

Research Areas

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Current Research Interests

Class Schedule:



Sociology & Legal Studies 128I "Race and Law "

Sociology 204 "Quantitative Analysis" (Graduate Seminar)


Sociology & Legal Studies, 128M "International Law & Global Justice"


Sabbatical (Japan, Okinawa, China, Singapore, etc.)



Sociology & Legal Studies 128I "Race and Law "


Sociology 103a "Statistical Methods "


Sociology 220 "Inequality & Identity" (Graduate Seminar)


List of Courses Taught (Syllabus)

Undergraduate International Law & Global Justice
  Race & Law
Law & Politics in Japan and East Asia
  The World Jury on Trial
  Sociology of Law
Race and the Justice System
Law, Crime, & Justice
Computers & Society
  Comon Destiny for Japan and the U.S.
  Advanced Survey Research
Statistical Methods
Graduate Inequality and Identity
  Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Future of Global Nuclear Programs
International Law, Colonialism, & Global Justice
Race, Crime, Law & Justice
Global Lay Justice Systems
Quantitative Analysis
  LISREL: The Covariance Structural Model
  Measurements of Sociological Parameters
  Experimental Design and Scaling


Selected Publications









Translative Work (English toJapanese)



o                        "Guaranteeing Racially Mixed Juries,", 2003, San Francisco Chronicle, October 28, Editorial: Open Forum, A21 (with Richard Krooth).

Personal Interviews and Other Media Outlets:

o                     "The Rebirth of Japan's Petit Quasi-Jury and Grand Jury Systems," presented at the symposium, " Citizen Participation in East Asian Legal Systems," at Cornell University Law School in September 22, 2006 (Video: Check 2nd video)

o                        "In Reform Bid, Japan Opts for Trial by Jury," 2004, Christian Science Monitor, June 4.

o                        "Racially Mixed juries Would Provide Checks and Balances in Criminal Justice System, Sociologist Hiroshi Fukurai says," 2003, UC Santa Cruz Currents Online, October 20.

o                        "Sociologist Testifies About How to Overcome Racial Bias in Jury Selection," 1997, UC Santa Cruz Currents Online, March 3.

Publications (in Japanese lannguage):

Personal Interviews (in Japanese):

Personal Information (including photos, thanks to Dr. Kaoru Kurosawa and Mr. Hajime Matsumoto)

o                        Swimming almost everyday - I got a noticeable tan on my back and hip area

o                        Enjoy tennis, bike riding, and running (not much recently because of cold and windy weather)



UC Santa Cruz - Hiroshi Fukurai - October 25, 2007