A King of all Kings

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About King:

Hello, my name is Meka and a while ago I adopted my dog King from a woman that worked at the SPCA back home where I live
and I feel that it is important to give every animal a loving home. So here's a link to the SPCA agency here in SANTA CRUZ. SPCASC
  • He is 1.5yrs old.
  • He was born in Sacramento,CA.
  • He loves to run and play Tug-a-War with his toys.
  • He has a spot on his back in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
  • When he was a puppy he had to wear a Bell on his collar because he was so small and adventurous.
  • King is all around an Amazing Dog, full of surprises!

  • Kings Monthly Necessities:

    1. Shampoo.
    2. Dog food and Little treats.
    3. New Toys.