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UCSC Dating Study


• If you participated in this study in 2005 or 2006, we'd like to talk with you again! Please contact us at the email or phone number below.

This was a study about first-year UCSC students' experiences with dating and relationships, how they feel about dating and sex, and how they talk about these topics with their parents and friends. We recruited first-year students entering UCSC in the fall of 2005, who were between the ages of 18-20. Now we are interested in what has happened in your life in the last six years and what your experiences with dating, sex, and relationships are now.

We'll be contacting you soon, but feel free to email or call us now if you'd like to participate

Contact information:

(If you are having trouble with this address, try: or email Dr. Zurbriggen at

Phone: 831-239-2562

Office: 329 Social Sciences 2



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