Lab Projects

How do interacting global changes affect the dynamics and biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems?

Ecosystem responses to climate changes:

  • How are North America’s highest-elevation breeding birds affected by climate and biodiversity changes?

  • How are climate and land use changes affecting treeline and forest ecotones in central Mexico’s volcanic arc?

  • How have California desert plant communities changed over half a century?

    Nitrogen pollution and exotics: How does nitrogen deposition influence plant invasions that threaten endemic-rich California serpentine grasslands?

    What are the combined impacts of warming and nitrogen deposition in terrestrial ecosystems?

    What are the implications for ecosystem stewardship of global, directional environmental changes?

    Conservation practice: How can we effectively steward nature through climate change?

  • What can we learn from past avian conservation translocations to guide decisions about future assisted range shifts?

  • How can riparian restoration in California maximize benefits to coastal stream communities and their users?

    Adaptation planning: What can California’s agencies and land managers do with climate impact and vulnerability information to ensure effective ecosystem stewardship?

    How can we mitigate stressors in North American alpine ecosystems to increase their capacity to adapt to climate change?

    Ecosystem-based adaptation: How can ecosystem-based adaptation enhance societal resilience to climate change?

  • How do species losses affect the dynamics of wild ecosystems?

    Ecosystem multifunctionality: How does biodiversity change influence multiple ecological processes at multiple scales?

    Community disassembly: How is species’ vulnerability linked to their ecological roles through traits?

    Conservation training

    UCSC Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program: Diversifying conservation by mentoring future leaders in their undergraduate careers.

    Past Projects

    Anticipating species responses: Why are California valley oaks in decline, and what can they teach us about species conservation in a changing climate?

    Extending policy: Can the Endangered Species Act address nitrogen deposition as a threat to biodiversity?

    Climate change and ecosystem services: How does sea level rise affect the ability of Pacific estuaries to buffer coastal nitrogen pollution?

    Biodiversity and ecosystem services: How do remnant forests sustain rural livelihoods in southwestern Ethiopia?

    Species widowhood and taxon substitution: Can mutualists survive the loss of their obligate partners?

    The Coyote Ridge biodiversity experiment: How do realistic and random species losses affect serpentine grassland ecosystems?

    The Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment: How do climate change (warming and increased precipitation), elevated CO2, and nitrogen deposition interact in their effects on California grassland diversity and functioning?

    Ecosystem service valuation: What are the economic costs of tolerating tamarisk invasion in the U. S. Southwest?

    Conservation philanthropy: How can the funding of conservation science be improved?

    Island restoration: What are the effects of invasive animals and their eradication on island ecosystems?

    Grassland restoration: Can seeding with key native species effectively reduce new exotic invasions in California grasslands?