Welcome to Yuzhen's Personal Webpage


Hi guys

  • My name is Yuzhen, people call me Yuki
  • My passion is to eating, sleeping, playing
  • My life cannot without friends
  • I also love Dragon Boat
  • I am supervisor at The Garden Project. I work there every Summer

  • Non-Profit Organization
  • We don't just grow plants, we grow people too
  • empowering at risk young adults through environmentally based job training and life skills programming
  • These are my best Frends. I love them so much

    About us:

    1. We love food
    2. We love travel
    3. we love each other
    4. We usually hangout together

    If you want to know more about The Garden Project you may click on this link or go to facebook page: The Garden Project and Facebook Page

    Feel free to Email me if you have any question or just want to say hi to me: yzhan226@ucsc.edu