Welcome to Yu Yang's personal web page

Hi, my name is Yu Yang! You also can call me Daniel

I'm from China and I studied in California since 2012
  1. My favorite food is Steak
  2. My favorite sports team is FC Barcelona
  3. My favorite movie series are 007

Contact information My email: yyu55@ucsc.edu Send Mail

My personal weibo link: http://weibo.com/p/1005052730287671/home?is_hot=1 Here is another interesting JavaScript program I wrote, check it out too: HI THERE

Hi! I'm Yu Yang from China. Im freshman of UCSC, and my major is Computer Engineering. Nice to meet you!

More about me
My Battle.net ID: TheLichKing#11587 Let's play Blizzard Game together!
Instagram:danielyu7 Add me if you like !