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My hometown, Shenzhen

edited by Yiqian Xie(tracy)

This is Shenzhen, China.

  • Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province, China, which is a coastal city nearby HongKong in the south of China.
  • She is a young city, and she was established in 1980.
  • I love Shenzhen because I was born and raised there. I like the urban planning of this city. It has been done really well and thoughtfully.
  • It is convenient to go wherever you want, there's been a ton of investment in infrastructure, and there are parks all over the city.
  • Here is an CNN article Why Shenzhen needs to be on your 2018 China travel list if you want to learn more about my hometown.
  • Shenzhen also has many amazing restaurants, like,
  1. Cuiyuan: A Hong Kong-style dim-sum (dinner) with staples like barbecued pork noodles.
  2. Tian Gong at the St. Regis: Elegant private Cantonese dining with views of Hong Kong.
If you want to know more funs about Shenzhen. You can send me email at yxie25@ucsc.edu