This is my personal portfolio web page.

Assignment 1 Version 2 Grid
  • Name: Yan Gu
  • Pronoun: Her
  • Class/year: Sophomore
  • Major: Film & Digital Media
  • Hometown/State/Country: Shanghai China

    More About Myself

  • I am interested in exploring different kinds of social media platforms and want to enrich user experiences on these platforms.
  • When traveling, I like to explore the ways that I take pictures in different stages of my life.
  • My favorite film is Chungking Express. My favorite director is Wong Kar-wai.
  • My favorite TV series is Nailed It!
  • My favorite book is Into the Wild.

    Five Things That I Am Most Concerned About

  • Cellphones- How do cellphones affect the relationship between individuals?
  • Misuse of Social Media Platforms
  • Limits of Social Media Platforms
  • Language Non-proficiency- Is language non-proficiency a problem for international students in the university?
  • Social Media Platform/Network Diversity- In different countries, people use different social media platforms. Will there be a platform that has a combination of the characteristics of these different platforms?

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