Welcome to Kenny's Page

My name is Kenny and I'm the Cross Country Club President. I will use this page to shamelessly advertise for my club.

What is our club?
Our club is a cross country club that enjoys running the trails around campus. We also plan trips and attend races. Runners of all levels are welcome.

UCSC Cross Country Club 2015 Information

Practice Times:

Mon-Thurs 2:00 PM and Sun 9:20 AM
Traditionally, people come to 2-3+ practices a week. Attend the practices that are most convenient for you or attend all five if you really want to improve.
The first practice will be on Tuesday, October 29 at 2:00 PM.

Practice Location:

The fence by the pool at East field (in OPERS)



  1. Oct. 10 - Baymonte Tech Trek
  2. Oct. 25 - Bean Creek Run
  3. Nov. 1 - Stanford Race Against PH
  4. Nov. 7 - Cardiac Pacer
  5. Nov. 21 - Santa Cruz Turkey Trot
  6. Jan. 31 - Super Bowl Run

Join our Facebook Group: UCSC Slug Cross Country.

Contact: Kenny He slugxc@gmail.com