The Amazing Life of my Hamster

SPOILER ALERT: R.I.P. Baby (July 16, 2011-January 8,2013)


I tried to follow a specific routine everyday with her:

  1. I would wake up, fill her food tray, and fill her bottle with water.
  2. I would attend school and afterschool I would play with her.
  3. After a good amount of time together I would put her back into her home and let her run in her wheel.
  4. I will check up on her every so often just to make sure she was eating and drinking water daily.
  5. At night, before I went to bed, I would play with her some more and feed her some snacks.

      Here is Baby along with her siblings:

      I would always try to spend as much time with her as possible.

      My hamster loved a lot of different foods:

      • She loved wheat bread.
      • She loved corn.
      • She loved lettuce.
      • She especially loved carrots.

      Sadly, I woke up one morning and found her there, laying on her side. I knew she was gone.

      RIP my little Baby.

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