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Quercus agrifolia

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SCALE: Unless otherwise noted, these images are two centimeters wide and just under one and a half centimeters tall. To estimate the dimensions of zoom images, compare to their corresponding wide-angle shot. A fully-zoomed image can represent an area of the soil a mere three millimeters wide and two millimeters tall!

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The scene aboveground

Site: UCSC Arboretum

Q. agrifolia is a broadheaded evergreen tree growing up to 25m in height. The tree is commonly found in wet to dry-moist valleys along the California coast mountain ranges.

The scene belowground

Root hairs clear and fully developed.

Zoom in on above.

First in a series of three images: Good example of deep roots.

Shot #2

Notice the dark red color of this deep root.

Fine young roots.

Zoom in on above.

Fine root; white cloudy areas are fungal hyphae.

Extensive hyphal network.

Half zoom on above image.

Full zoom on above image.

Half zoom; displays intense growth of red mature roots.

Fungal network.

Fungal network #2.

Zoom in on above.

Root network with hyphal colonization.

Zoom in on above.

Another white root network.

Half zoom...

Full zoom...

Full zoom on another root/fungal network. Notice both lateral and vertical roots.

New root tips growing laterally from deep roots.

Fecal pellets. We don't know what kind of animal left them here, however!

Full zoom on above...

Red root.

Zoom in on above...nice example of growing tip.

'Root 2'.

First in sequence of four shots illustrating shallow roots of Q. agrifolia . Notice the contrast in root morphologies.

Third shot in sequence: Lateral thin white roots...much different from the roots in the other two shots.

Zoom in on junction of roots from the above frame.

Stained root.

Zoom in on above...extensive hyphal network colonizing the root substrate.

Surface roots.

Full zoom on above...

Two white roots.

Zoom in on above: Nice fungal hyphal development.

Wispy, branched thin white root...bacterial clumps on right side of the screen?

Half zoom on above...

Full zoom on above...

Young root, fine hairs.

Zoom 1...

Zoom 2...