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Do you need more information on rhizosphere ecology or want to learn more about mycorrhizae?

We recognize that this site is by no means comprehensive. For further reading in the areas of rhizosphere ecology, please refer to the links below. Inclusion of a particular site in this list does not necessarily reflect endorsement by the authors, project coordinators, or the University of California.

Soil Ecology

Ecology of soil organisms: The home page of a research theme group devoted to the study of soil ecology.

Soil Ecology and Restoration Group (SERG): Home page of the soil ecology group at San Diego State University.

Gordon's soil ecology page: Good introductory information on soil ecology with a focus on zoological and organic matter interactions.

Soil ecosystem resource page: Sponsored by the soil ecology and microbiology group at the University of Rhode Island.

Soil Microbes and Fauna

The soil biology group: The home page of the soil biology section of the Zurich Institute for Terrestrial Ecology.

Index of mycological resources: A virtual library of mycology put together by Kathie Hodge at Cornell.

The rhizosphere biodiversity research group: Put together by Keith Egger and Hughes Massicotte from the UNBC, Prince George. Their group home page details current projects and provides more useful links.

Ectomycorrhizae research lab: The home page of Thomas Bruns' lab group at UC Berkeley. It includes a virtual tour of the lab with a mycorrhizae image gallery, and information on current research, fungal genetics, and publications.

Forest mycology and mycorrhiza research team: USDA Forest Service, Corvallis, Oregon. Data base and other links are provided.

Mycorrhizal fungi databases: Assembled by the Pacific Northwest USDA forest mycology team.

Mycorrhiza information exchange: A great source of information on the research, teaching, and business of mycorrhizal symbiosis.

ICOM 3: Third international conference on Mycorrhizae: Adelaide, Australia July 8-13, 2001.

The biology of mycorrhizas: Excellent student project by Diane Howarth (University of Manchester) synthesizing the essentials of the ecology and biology of mycorrhizal plants.

Native oaks and mycorrhizae: Horticultural focus on mycorrizae. The site contains excerpts from a seminar given by Celeste Wilson at the Atascadero Oak Conference May 1995.

Introduction to mycorrhizae: CSIRO, Commonwealth of Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, sponsors this site that gives a good introduction to mycorrhizal associations in Australia (including a disscusion of mycorrhizal Eucalyptus).

Soil life movies: A nice digital gallery of soil organisms put together by T. Loynachan (Iowa State University).

Root Biology/Ecology/Physiology

IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations): root physiology and symbiosis unit.

Botany online (Germany): Dermal tissues, parenchyma and assimilation tissues: Detailed site on current root physiology research at the University of Hamburg.

Root ecology laboratory: Julie Whitbeck's (University of New Orleans) home page.

Root biology and mycorrhizae research group: Research group at the University of Guelph, Ontario.