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Cupressus abramsiana

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SCALE: Unless otherwise noted, these images are two centimeters wide and just under one and a half centimeters tall. To estimate the dimensions of zoom images, compare to their corresponding wide-angle shot. A fully-zoomed image can represent an area of the soil a mere three millimeters wide and two millimeters tall!

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The scene aboveground

Site: UCSC Arboretum

C. ambramsiana is a densely branched conifer commonly growing to 10m in height, and branching almost to the ground. Native to the Santa Cruz mountains, this tree can be found growing on dry south-facing slopes at 1600-2500ft.

The scene belowground

Mycorrhizal colonization of root clump

Zoom in on mycorrhizal roots; note the mystery invertebrate in the lower left corner

Dense hyphal mats...the invertebrate is much more visible

Full zoom on above...notice the contrast between colony densities

Root; black and white

Color photo of above root...notice red tones typical of coniferous roots

Hyphal mats on thin, branched roots.

Zoom of above image

Intense mycorrhizal colonization. The roots are hard to distinguish.

Red root.

Red root 2.

Zoom in on the tip of above root.

New root tip formation. Notice the fleshy tissue.

Zoom in on above tip.

Red root tip.

Young root.

Zoom in on above image.