Snowy Day

Wei Yao Lu




My project recreates a snowy field with a bunch of differently sized and colored spheres falling. The camera is auto rotating around the scene. To run this project all you have to do is open the index page and just watch the spheres fall to the surface. After each of the balls fall, the balls with reappear on a different site of the plane. The user can interact with the scene with the use of camera controls. If the user holds down the left click, they can angle the camera towards that direction. If the user uses the arrow keys, then the user will pan the camera towards that direction.

During the duration of this class, I have learned the basics of creation of 3d objects. I learned that at the lowest level of designing 3d objects, that there is too much math involved in the creation of this process. I personally enjoyed the course more near the end of the quarter where we started learning about camera controls and animation. Although my assignment was quite simple, I enojoyed the time creating it, as it is fun to see your creations come to life.

View the ASG4 js file here

View the driver file here