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Point Reyes William Crawford
Ph.D. Candidate
University of California, Santa Cruz
Department of Ocean Sciences
Curriculum Vitae

I'm a fifth year graduate student in the Ocean Sciences department at UCSC working under Dr. Andy Moore. The primary focus of my research is on climate variability in the California Current System (CCS). I use a data assimilative historical analysis of the CCS computed using the ROMS 4D-Var data assimilation system to investigate low-frequency adjustments. The analysis was develped by the Ocean Modeling group at UCSC and spans the period 1980-2010. Using the output of the historical analysis, I have been looking at the dynamical modes of variability in the CCS computed using a linear inverse model (LIM). The eigenvectors of the linear propogator matrix A in our LIM are approximations of the dynamical modes of the system.

Below is a video of a ~10 year mode that emerges from the analysis. Although the mode spans the entire region of our model, here I have focused on the central California region to highlight the temperature (color) and salinity (contour) variations that take place over a full cycle of the mode.

Here's a more complete view of the modulation in temperature and salinity at the surface (top) and subsurface (bottom) in the upper 500m of the water column every 2 degrees of latitude.