Wishing You a Lovely Spring

Hi there~

Though spring is a time of lovely weather, many of us are going through the hussle of closing out the school year strong!

So, here are some tips on how to make it through spring (or fall, or winter) quarter in (hopefully) one piece:

  1. Don't get lost daydreaming! Trust us on this one. One moment you're thinking about summer, or shopping, or playing Poke'mon on your DS and the next thing you know, the professor is suddenly asking everyone to hand in their final exams?!
  2. Try not to stress out. Yes, we know, easier said than done but really put some effort into it this quarter! Maybe go hang out with friends more or explore parts of the campus you've never seen. Really just make time for yourself inbetween all the craziness. Trust us, there is time -- this is coming from someone who avidly wastes spends time watching educational videos yeah, that's it on YouTube.
  3. Get sleep and eat well. "Of course this on would be on here." you say as you read this and remind yourself of the time some (because there's always at least that one) adult in your life has told you this. We won't repeat it because we don't want to nag but hey, it's not like they're wrong on this one.
  4. Remember it's not the end of the world. No lava yet, no death today! "What does this have to do with school?" We don't know. Actually, we do. It's good to remind yourself that one score on anything (whether it be an assignment, a quiz, an exam, etc.) should never define whether you are a success or a failure. You're a fighter, so put up a fight and keep on going on!! It may not mean much from a total stranger like us but we believe in you! Hopefully you will pass this message on to your friends and tell them you believe in them too. Sometimes, all we need is to just hear these words from someone :).
  5. Smile, laugh, the works. If all of this hasn't made you laugh or even puke out a small giggle then we're terribly sorry for our lack of humor! Our goal today was just to put a smile on your face to help ease the stress but hey, maybe this video can. Swear, this video will be our last try!
  6. Last but not least, here's a list of just some fun things to do to destress:
Good luck to you on this quarter! May you work hard and do well!

If you'd like, let me know if we've made you laugh at all! Feel free to contact us at our email here!