The Brief Story of BTS

Member Name(Stage Name): Kim Taehyung(V), Min Yoongi(Suga),Kim Seokjin(Jin),Kim Namjoon(RM), Jeon Jeongguk(Jungkook), Park Jimin(Jimin), Jung Hoseok (J-hope)

Name from left to right

The Beginning

Debut Date: 6/12/13

Debut Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool

Debut Song: No More Dreams

Being a Korean pop Idol is not at easy as many people think. People who aspire to be idols must get into a company whether it be auditioning or being scouted. After auditioning/scouted the person must work hard and train for many years, before they can even debut. And even after debuting their success is never guaranteed. For the group BTS before our 7 loving members there were other people who were suppose to debut under BTS and Bighit. But BTS went through a lot of changes for it to be the 7 men we know now. And after debuting with Bighit BTS when through a hard time since they did not come from the top 3 companies. Which would make it harder for them to succeed in Korea. And at first it did not go well.

The Hardships

    After debut BTS did not have it easy, Not only was there company suffering financially and so were they. All 7 boys had to share one dorm and never had enough money to hire sets or actors. Them as humans were also going through a lot of struggles Yoongi suffered from depression and the constant accusations of plagiarism,or cheating made the boys extremely self conscious. Other things that happened were:
  • Nov 2013 - A korean rapper started disrespecting BTS because of the fact that they were makeup. They were told that the were not real rappers
  • 2013-2014 - They were cut from many broadcast, performances shortened, and many time never uploaded
  • 2014 - They were accused of plagiarizing a concept
  • July 2015 - BTS received a lot of death threats during there tour and had to stop a show out of nowhere
  • During many years the boys went through hashtags of plagiarism or attacking the boys looks.
  • Break Wings Project was a project in wich many fandoms got together to destroy one of BTS comeback

    Karma is an ARMY

    BTS has grown so much and has had so much success in the reacent years. From getting Billboard awards, invited to the Grammys, and have become the artist with the most Daesang. They have grown so much and have helped many A.R.M.Ys dealing with life situations. Their music has changed many lives and will keep changing lives. For that I will always be extremely grateful to my boys.

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