The Home Page of Martin H. Weissman

Martin H. Weissman - Associate Professor of Mathematics - University of California - Santa Cruz

Address: Martin H. Weissman - Department of Mathematics - University of California - Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office: 4182 McHenry - Phone (unlikely): (831)459-2379 - E-mail: weissman AT ucsc DOT edu

Curriculum Vitae

Here is my Curriculum Vitae.



I am currently writing an Illustrated Theory of Numbers . Read my blog for more!

Refereed Papers

Nonrefereed publications


I am currently running a seminar on representations of p-adic groups. For more information, go here .
My courses are typically hosted on eCommons, the UC Santa Cruz learning environment. Contact me directly if you require access.


The following are (sometimes large PDF) files from some math lectures I have given.


The following is my google calendar. It is more reliable for figuring out when I am NOT available, then for figuring out when I AM available.