Will Bolden's Unix Domain

Cole Faust - Responsible for web design, cows, and game installation
Will Hight - Responsible for Vulture
Physics Reports
Complex function plotter

/ I noticed you are not subscribed to     \
\ wconfig. To subscribe type /tmp/wconfig /
  .!!!!!:.                        .:!!!!!!!!!!!!
  ~~~~!!!!!!.                 .:!!!!!!!!!UWWW$$$
      :$$NWX!!:           .:!!!!!!XUWW$$$$$$$$$P
      $$$$$##WX!:      .<!!!!UW$$$$"  $$$$$$$$#                                                                      
      $$$$$  $$$UX   :!!UW$$$$$$$$$   4$$$$$*                                                                        
      ^$$$B  $$$$\     $$$$$$$$$$$$   d$$R"
        "*$bd$$$$      '*$$$$$$$$$$$o+#"
             """"          """""""   

Copy paste the following command to the Unix Timeshare to get access to useful scripts and fun games!
Just press ctrl + c anywhere on the page to copy!

Running wconfig gives you access to several useful commands:
cud [user] : Change directory to the home directory of another user
ud [user...] : List the user directories of a list of users
friend [user...] : Adds a user to your friends list, real name can also be used
unfriend [user...] : Removes a user from your friends list
online [user...] : Indicates whether a user is logged in on either of the two
servers, if no options are provided your friends list is used
frn [user...] : Provides the real name of a user, if available
fun [name] : Finds a username given fragments of a real name
wiki : Displays a random wikipedia page
imtxt [bmp image] : Displays the specified BMP image in the terminal
image [image] : Displays a pre-loaded image
allusers : Lists all the users currently connected to the timeshare
toilet [text] : Creates large text
lc3as [filename] : Assemble LC3 assembly
lc3sim [filename] : Run an LC3 .obj file
lc3sim-tk [filename] : Run an LC3 .obj file with a GUI, requires -X SSH option
wcommands : Displays the list of all commands wconfig gives you access to