Foundry BigIron RX Series Configuration Guide

11-6 2006 Foundry Networks, Inc. April 2006

VLAN Byte Accounting

To enable your BigIron RX to perform accounting of the number of bytes received by all the member ports of a

VLAN. This includes the preamble and the minimum inter-frame gap in Ethernet. The byte counts can then be

viewed using the show vlan command. VLAN byte accounting is disabled by default.

Considerations When Configuring VLAN Byte Accounting

VLAN byte accounting cannot be enabled for the default or control VLANs.

The number of VLANs on which byte accounting can be enabled system-wide is restricted by the number of

VLANs with byte accounting enabled on a given packet processor and the number of rate limiting policies

enabled on the same packet processor ports. See Table 11.1 for details.

On a given packet processor, the total number of VLANs with byte accounting enabled and the number of

ACL-based and VLAN-based rate limiting policies is dependent on the interface module. See Table 11.1 for


If a port's VLAN has byte accounting enabled, you cannot enable rate limiting on that port. Similarly, if a port

has rate limiting enabled, you cannot enable VLAN byte accounting on that port's VLAN.

Clearing the rate limiting counters using clear rate-limit counters will also clear VLAN byte-accounting

counters. It is recommended that when using rate limiting along with VLAN byte accounting, use individual

port rate limiting counters.

Configuring VLAN Byte Accounting

To enable VLAN accounting on a specified VLAN, use the following commands:

BigIron RX(config)# vlan 10

BigIron RX(config-vlan-10)# byte-accounting

Syntax: [no] byte-accounting

Displaying VLAN Byte Accounting Information

To display VLAN accounting information for all VLANs configured on a router, use the show vlan command as


BigIron RX# show vlan

Configured PORT-VLAN entries: 2

Maximum PORT-VLAN entries: 512

Default PORT-VLAN id: 1

PORT-VLAN 1, Name DEFAULT-VLAN, Priority Level0

L2 protocols : NONE

Untagged Ports : ethe 1/1 to 1/40 ethe 2/1 to 2/4

PORT-VLAN 10, Name [None], Priority Level0

L2 protocols : NONE

Tagged Ports : ethe 1/2 to 1/5

Bytes received : 18527