Here is the cost proposal for the UPS Generator Project.  Please let me know as soon as possible what you decide so that we can get this project off the ground.  Thanks, Jackie
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 16:42:44 -0700
To: Jackie Davis <>
From: Bruce Hoffman <>
Subject: CATS IT /Machine Room UPS/Generator Addtion Project
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This is e-mail is the preliminary estimate of probable project cost.

Joe Collonge, Principal of Prime Design, Inc., is asked to be the lead consultant.  His three subconsultants will be :   Axiom Engineers - mechanical, Mesiti-Miller Engineering - structural,  and Craig Bagley  - architectural.

Our meetings and e-mail correspondence have defined the general project scope.   The major scope elements for a UPS, generator, and stand- alone air conditioning for the CATS IT/Machine room are:

* 120 kva UPS with  batteries for 5 minutes
*  300 kw natural gas generator with critical muffler
*  150 kva transformer k-13
*  480 volt panel (generator loads)
*  600 amp 4 pole transfer switch
*  208 volt panel (distribution to IT room)
*  Motor control
*  Wire feeders and conduit
*  Automatic fire alarm additions and programming
*  Utility trenches

*  Roof mounted dry cooler.  Automatic change over to campus condensing tower water .
*  Isolation valves for cooling water to existing Contempo a.c. units
*  Water source heat pump for UPS room
*  Return air duct down-sizing in paper room.
*  Gas piping to generator from roadway. Meter, filter, and regulator for generator.
*  Control specification for Honeywell system to monitor dry cooler, pumps, control valves, UPS, and emergency generator.

Additional scope, if requested, for  specification for replacement of 5 Contempo a.c. unis .

*   Removal of UPS room /IT room door .  Fire- rated partition and door between UPS room and "Paper room".
*  Fence around generator to screen generator from Communication Building view.
*  Door access to roof from mezzanine elevator lobby.

Site Structural
*  Generator pad (at service road level), supportive retaining wall .
*   UPS floor and seismic anchors
*  Review roof structure for dry cooler location, design roof support for dry cooler.

Consultants are proposing to the design and technical specifications, bidder's questions,  construction review and meetings, and commissioning .


Electrical Engineering:         $15,500.
Mechanical - base project               $17,500.
(optional) replace Contempo units                       $5,500.
Structural                              $15,000.
Architectural                   $4,000.
Total fees                              $52,000.

Construction Estimate           
(see breakdown in attachment )  $431,000.

Optional Estimate to replace Contempo a.c. units                $621,000.

 PP & C project management, design review,
bid documents preparation, bid administration, and inspection
(5% of construction estimate )                  $21,600.                $31,050.

Total project estimate
of probable cost:                       $504,600.          $652,050.           

Calendar at funding

Design to workings drawings with 50%, 90%,  100% review:     60 days
Bid advertisement to award period :                          60 days
Construction with long lead order for generator :                   180 days
Potential end date delay
for controls, testing, shut-downs:                         60 days
                                                   360 days

If you wish to proceed with the project, please issue the funding to the PP & C business office,   capital  account.  Anne Gavin can help arrange the transfer.

If you do not wish to proceed, please advise me as soon as you can.

Thank you ,


Jackie Davis
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