IP/TV testing

The NOC is testing broadcast TV delivered to computer desktops. From a TV antenna on top of Natural Sciences II we are injecting two channels as multicast into the UCSC campus data network.

Low bandwidth: 480i resolution:  KSBW-2 about 3 Mb/s
udp port 1234
High bandwidth: 1080i resolution:  KION about 13 Mb/s
udp port 1234
The application we've been testing is VLC from videolan.org. We have used XP, Vista, Intel Mac and Linux clients to watch TV. Select Open Network Stream in the Media pull-down menu and fill in the three values for the channels as listed.
This works on campus, but not behind firewalls (Lick and the Health Center), nor on wireless or in Resnet. It works at 2300 Delaware. Other off-site locations (e.g. Long Marine and 2901 Mission) have limited bandwidth and it probably will not be watchable. If your desktop connection is at 10 Mb/s you can watch the low bandwidth stream but KION will break up badly.
TV reception does not use our off-campus Internet connections, and so this could provide the campus with a way to get news if fiber cuts isolate us. TV to desktop is also a possible future delivery system for TV in the on-campus residences and this lets us test what that might be like.
Comments/questions can be sent to noc@ucsc.edu. Note that this is an experiment, not an ITS service. Please don't write to complain about the content of the channels. Broadcast TV is what it is.
9 December 2009