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Below are the minutes from the TAC meeting on October 26 at UC Berkeley.  Please send me any additions or corrections.  Action items and recomendations are in Bold.

Note: I am sending this note out with MIME text.  I think everyone should be able to handle MIME by now, but I may be wrong.  Yell at me if this does not work for you. 


October 26, 2000
UC Berkeley

1 ) NOC Report - The North-South link may be coming up as we speak, but at least by the end of the week.  What traffic will transit the link?  All traffic destined between North and South.  Even though Abilene would provide more bandwidth, using the North-South link should not cause any problems with our current traffic loads.  The NOC Staff will send a Community Strings list to TAC List indicating what Community Strings are in use in CalREN-2

2) Geo Collocation Space - A large collocation hotel is being built in Hayward on the CSU campus. 15,000 sq. ft is allocated to the Geo higher-ed consortium. CENIC would like 1000 sq. ft. of caged space. Caged space allowed greater effectiveness in the use of the space since locked cabinets are not required.  This also helps with heat loads.  One idea presented was to have the CENIC a camera set up that can be use to view the lights and connections on the equipment.  If the CENIC cages is well located the camera could be offered as a service to others in  area.
3) ONI - The ONI Evaluation Team has recommended SAIC as the consultant to perform the work of generating an inventory of optic facilities in California.  They seemed to have the necessary information at hand with out starting research from scratch.  Contract negotiation are underway.  One item of discussion is who owns the inventory database and has right to use it.  Some of the TAC stated that we are paying for it and should own it.  It was also noted  that without someone to keep it up to date,  the value would quickly decline.  Perhaps we could let SAIC have the rights if they give us unlimited access to a continually updated inventory.  Once it is created we need to send the database template to TAC for Campuses to fill in with known info.  One issue that would effect how quickly ONI needs to be done is how much it will cost to extend the PacBell contract.  David Wasley will talk to Pac Bell

4) Director of Projects Report
a) CUDI is  up and peering. 
b) Nevada is still in the works and the ball is in Nevada's court. 
c) SWAN is taking a long time to do contract. It is expected to operational sometime in the spring. 
d) 4Cnet will have a Qwest ISP connection at Stockton, next week. 
e) C&W rate discussions will happen if contact people can be found.
f) PCR work - Cisco mock up in NC.  They have provided no feed back.  We want  to move to the SJ lab by Christmas.  We need more memory to run on our GSRs.  We can not run the software that we want without it.  We want DIMS to provide 128M per card. Cisco vs. 3
rd party RAM? We are getting conflicting info. We need to get a count of interfaces to upgrade. 
g) Abilene is moving the northern connection to Sunnyvale. We can move to an OC-48 connection then.  Same with LA (1 Wilshire), 
h) PAIX is ready to start peering. We are peering at LA. The TAC asked who are we peering with?  The NOC is now doing the traffic engineering and thus should generate the reports on peering. We need to get notification out to those that are interested in peering. 
i) Akamai will at UCB will be up by thanksgiving. 
j) IBM Almaden can not figure out routing. 
k) Node Support at campuses - requirements.  Hands on support NOC has had problem.  Campus needs 7x24 phone number that will be answered.  72 hour backup power.  Example: ISI will never have it but have 4-6 hours UPS and have no AC during power outage.    We should use this kind of info in designing the next generation of the network. New Interim Minimum Requirement  is 4 hr UPS.  The Interim  requirement is only until we get the new generation of the network going.  We need to update operational requirements and campus requirements. David Wasley will write up a new draft.

TAC Subgroup and Technical Action Plan - Russ Hobby introduced the idea of having a sub-group of the TAC that can provide more detailed review and guidance of CENIC technical activities.  It was acknowledged that the ESAC did not work and the question was asked why this new group would do any better.  The new group would have bi-weekly conference calls with Tom West, David Wasley and Dave Reese.  Each calls will cover progress of tasks, and provide direction and timelines for future work.  The group would consist of six to seven people with representation from CSU, the Independents, and UC.  A report on each call will be sent to the TAC list.  The TAC agreed to give it a try.  Interested parties should send a note to Russ.

Juniper did a product and direction presentation.

Next Meeting - Early January, WestEd