Subject: If Santa Was an Advanced Fee Spammer...


Kindly accept my apology for sending unsolicited mail to you. 
Although we never met before, I have every reason to believe 
that you are a highly respected personality as you appear on
my list of NICE CHILDREN. 

I am SANTA CLAUS II, son to the second wife of SANTA CLAUS I,
the original Santa Claus you used to see in movies before he
passed away last year in a mysterious sledding accident. We are 
suspicious of foul play since one of the reindeer is has gone missing
and Santa may have had antler related injuries. 

Unlike past years where you would contact me for TOYS and GIFTS
this year I write to inform you of a problem you can help ME with.

If you have been watching the news, you will know that 
before SANTA CLAUS I passed away he instructed me to move this 
VERY LARGE BAG OF TOYS out of the country and deposit them in a 
secret trust fund that only can be accessed from the UNITED STATES 
from the next of kin of SANTA CLAUS I. We believe this was to
keep the TOYS safe from unknown parties.

While I am the legal heir to SANTA CLAUS I, it is difficult for 
me to travel to the UNITED STATES to claim the items stored with the
trust fund Attorney. The ELVES are engaged in a CIVIL WAR and
my time is spent bring peace to the NORTH POLE.

My decision to contact you is therefore, informed by this 
and due to my present busy season status and total ignorance 
of the business world. I believe you will appreciate the 
enormity of trust I repose on you by placing the fate of all
children in the world this Christmas day.

The trust fund attorney will release the VERY LARGE BAG OF TOYS
once he receives a payment of US $3 MILLION. This is to cover
the shipping and handling of the TOYS BACK TO THE NORTH POLE. 
If you are willing to provide a bank account number where I can 
deposite the $3 MILLION and provide the $300,000 TRANSACTION FEE 
for the WIRE TRANSFER, I will let you keep 20% of the $3 MILLION 
and a TOY OF YOUR CHOICE! You will double your INVESTMENT!

My proposal is highly restricted and should be handled 
as an urgent transaction requiring trust and confidentiality. 
Please email me with your bank account number and we can together
SAVE CHRISTMAS for the world!

Thank you.