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Credit valid through : 05/22/2003Quote Number : 04222003-11388353
End User Information
Last NameWarnerFirst NameJim
Address 1Barn EAddress 2 1156 High Street
CitySanta CruzState/ProvinceCA
Zip Code95064CountryUSA
Cisco Contact Information
Last NameBERLINGFirst NameERIC
Phone+1 919 472 4302E-Mail
All credits are based on Global Price List in US Dollars
Cisco products being purchased

Part NumberDescriptionQuantityUnit CreditTotal Credit
GEIP+= Enhanced Gigabit Ethernet 1 3080.00 3080.00
Total Credit against all Cisco purchases and total credit for the entire transaction :3,080.00 USD
See below for details on how the above credit was derived and what credit was calculated for each trade-in item.The total credit for the entire transaction is 3,080.00 USD, which is the sum of the credits received for all trade-ins below.NOTE: If the sum of the trade-in credits do not approximately match the sum of the trade-to credits, the calculation is considered invalid and will not be honored by Cisco. If you see this, please click" Recalculate" to recalculate your trade
Cisco products being traded in

Part NumberDescriptionQuantityUnit CreditTotal Credit
VIP4-80Versatile Interface Processor 4, Model 8011540.001540.0
PA-A3-OC12MM1 Port ATM Enhanced OC12/STM4 multi-mode11540.001540.0
   Credit subtotal for Cisco Trade-Ins :3,080.00 USD

Competitor products being traded in

The Cisco Technology Migration Program is open to eligible end users, Cisco certified resellers, or resale companies acting on behalf of an identified end user. Cisco employees, their immediate family members, Cisco agencies and their employees are not eligible to participate in the program.
Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions are specific to the Technology Migration Plan and are in addition to Cisco Systems Terms and Conditions of Sale, Software License, and Cisco/Customer or Partner negotiated contracts.
  2. In general, this program may not be combined with any other programs, promotions or bundles but check with your Cisco Representative for specific exceptions
  3. The net credit amount is to be applied against the adjusted list purchase amount after applying the customer's discount. This offer cannot and will not be retroactively applied to purchase orders previously submitted and accepted by Cisco systems
  4. The purchase order for the trade-in must reflect all the Cisco products on the Credit Authorization Form.
  5. Only one credit authorization form per order will be accepted. A single Credit Authorization Form may not be used on multiple orders. Orders that do not comply with these rules will be rejected.
  6. The Customer or Partner's signature is required on all forms for this promotion. P.O.'s, Credit Authorization Forms, and Proof of Destruction Certificates not containing the all of the required signatures will be rejected and the order will not be processed until all documents comply with this requirement.
  7. Items traded in must be returned, or proof of destruction provided (for international use only), to a Cisco designated location within 60 days after shipment of the replacement configuration as itemized above. Failure to return equipment will result in an invoice for the credit amount, for which I agree to be invoiced and submit payment. For channel sales, the Partner is responsible for returning the equipment or providing proof of destruction and the partner's signature is required. For all channel sales, the end users signature is required.
  8. Failure to return trade in equipment within 60 days may result in the suspension of the end user, reseller, or resale company from continued use of the program without notice. In addition, the end user and / or resale partner will be charged for the amount of the credit.
  9. Any SMARTnetTM or other maintenance contracts on Cisco products being replaced need to be modified by the customer/partner as appropriate.
  10. By signing this agreement, the customer or partner certifies that the equipment being returned to Cisco Systems for a trade-in credit is owned solely by the end customer and is not leased from, rented, or owned partially or fully by any other party. Stolen or licensed against equipment is prohibited for use in Cisco Technology Migration Program.Products being traded must have been in use in the end customers network within the past 90 days
  11. Cisco Systems, Inc. reserves the right to add, modify, change, improve or discontinue this program and associated products without notice. All products are subject to availability and all prices are subject to change without notice.
  12. Program is void where prohibited by law or company policy. In the event of a dispute the judgment of Cisco Systems will prevail.
  13. Trade-in transactions must be executed within the reseller's assigned territory. For those resellers that do not have an assigned territory, including all Cisco resellers that purchase through distributors, the end user to which the reseller plans to sell new products must be in the same territory in which the reseller is located. For example, for resellers located in the United States, the end user must be within the United States. For resellers located in Europe, the end user must be in Europe. Trade-ins that involve a sale by a reseller outside of its territory where it is located may be denied by Cisco. In the event Cisco learns that a reseller has violated this restriction, the reseller agrees to repay Cisco the amount of the trade-in credit it receives, plus any costs and fees incurred by Cisco in collecting this amount
  14. Please refer to the URL below for country and channel specific return instructions:
    1. I, the Customer, have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract:
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